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One Servants Heart And A Passion To Cook

I have been so fortunate growing up to have experienced so much. We traveled, we learned, we experienced.
My parents worked so hard to give us everything we kids had growing up.

Before I was born, both my parents we chefs. Good chefs! I was always so proud to tell everyone what my parents did for a living.
We lived all over the country when I was a kid as my dad was promoted to different hotels as a Food and Beverage Director.
When we moved to Kentucky I was old enough to start to really take an interest in what my dad was doing and he started to let me help him.
And it changed my life.

The very first memory I really have of helping him (though I'm sure there are others!) is a Christmas party that was happening in the hotel. We walked back and forth through the kitchens and I remember decorating the tables with pine tree branches.

From there it just grew. As jobs changed and places changed things were just as fun if not a little more. He started his own catering company through t…

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