Graze Box Number...

I'm pretty sure the last post was about a Graze box but that's ok! Sometimes we all get busy. It has been great though! Lots of fun, family, food and well work.

This Graze box was a better one that the past few have been. I had more snacks I hadn't had before. Just one old one!

The first snack I had was Tropical Daiquiri.

This snack was okay. If course like the others, I love the mango and pineapple. They're great. The raisins like I've said before are not my favorite. I did decide to give this on a try because they were lime flavored. But, who are we kidding?! The texture of raisins is just awful. So I have trashed this one.

The second snack I had was Hickory Smoked BBQ.

This was great! Each component had a unique flavor. The corn nuts were crunchy and salty. The cashews were super smokey and delicious. The peas were the BBQ flavor. It was all playing together very nicely and I loved this one.

The third snack I had was the Fruit and Seed Flapjack.

These make a great breakfast and this might be one of my favorite flavors. I love the crunchy nuts and sweet cranberries and fruits. It was great and sweet and really made me happy! A few weeks ago they were offering a full flapjack box and that would have been fun to get!

The fourth snack was the one I've had before. It was the Thai Sweet Chili Bites.
You can see my review here!

Thai Chili Bites

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