Nibblr vs. Graze

When I found out that there was another box out there just was very similar to Graze I knew I was going to have to try it. Funny enough, they had a free box I could try so that was great!

I'm going to start by telling you what I like about the Nibblr box as a whole and where it came from. If you're interested in this information on Graze you can check out my other blog post right here!

Then I'm gonna review the Nibblr box and this weeks Graze box. (I have tons of Graze boxes to the right there is you want to read about more boxes I've received).

Then we'll find out which box I liked best and which subscription I decided to keep.

So here it goes!
Nibblr is very similar to graze. Healthy, portioned snacks that are fun and taste good.  Nibblr was created by General Mills. When I first heard this I thought, it couldn't possibly be healthy or organic then. but as far as I can tell it seems better than the stuff they make for the grocery stores. This box is also $6 just like Graze. They don't have coupons or any donations going to a good charity though. That was a big downer. I have so many coupons on Graze all my boxes are just $5 instead of the normal $6. Nibblr has a website similar to Graze but Grazes' is much better. It easier to use and just makes more sense; especially the account page. There are four in a box and they even come in the same little clear plastic container. The have the nutrition right on the back. Graze doesn't do this but I like that they do. You can't always have the little Graze booklet with you to tell you what the nutritional facts are. Nibblr is a white box with a creative design on the front. It seems a bit more flimsy than Graze though and doesn't look like it was made out of recycled materials. There is a big Nibblr poster inside. It's got the "hangry" mantra on it and a personal handwritten note from whoever made my box. (Hangry is hungry and angry mixed together. They don't want people to be hangry). The boxes is also thinner and longer than Graze but it still fits inside your mailbox.

Nibblr box review.
Now, I was pretty excited about getting to try Nibblrs' snacks. They all looked yummy and some honestly looked better than Graze. Some I liked and some just weren't so great.

The first snack I had was Mango Cardamom Smoothie. This was the one I was most excited about which is why I tried it first.

This one had banana chips, cardamom praline pecans, ginger brittle and mangos. The pecans were amazing! I loved the spice on them! the ginger brittle was also super good! I like caramel and ginger worked so well with it. The mango was only okay. Not the best dried mango ever but I could tell it was natural. The banana chips I was really interested in. I don't like bananas but Graze's chewy banana coins changed my mind. Going back to these crunchy banana chips were okay. They were better than what I bought in the store and definitely good in the mix.

The second snack I had was Old World Blend.
I really wanted this one so I was glad I got it in my sample box. Though I was a bit disappointed. This snack had walnuts, dates, and figs. But as you can see from the picture there were way too many figs an okay amount of dates and only two walnuts! What am I supposed to do with two walnuts?? The dates were super yummy and the walnuts I got were good but the figs were just too overwhelming.

The third snack I had was Fall to Pieces. This one I ate on a rush so I didn't grab a picture. But, it had cinnamon sugar apple slices, apricots and raisins. They apricots were just like any dried apricots and not that great. The raisins were a bit more plump than normal raisins which is good. I normally don't like dried apples but these were great! They still had a bit of crunch and I could tell they were homemade.

The last snack I had was the Punched Up Pistachios.
This I didn't think was going to be that great but they were pretty good. They do say on the package that they are salt and pepper pistachios. When I tasted the first one I could tell there was more than slat and pepper and when I looked at the back of the package there were a ton more spices like garlic salt and such. This was fine with me but someone might be allergic and they wouldn't have known from that. They were actually almost a bit too spicy.

Graze review
The first Graze snack I ate this time was Scrumptious Blueberry Swirl. I got this snack in my first box so you can see my review here.
Graze box #1

The second snack I had was the Chili and Honey Almonds.
This I was excited about and they were sweet and spicy. They were really spicy. The chili was just about too much for me. It was so hot. They were crunchy and delicious but they were still hot. Too hot.

The third snack I had was Smokey Chipotle Dip with Rosemary Breadsticks.
This was pretty good. I like that their dips always taste homemade and yummy. I couldn't really taste the rosemary in the breadsticks and they chipotle was smokey but not super spicy which is good. Also it was just the right size. Great little snack!

The last snack I had was the popcorn with a bit of pepper. I had this snack in my first box as well so you can check it out here.
Graze box #1

So. Here is the summary.
I have decided that I like the Graze box better and that is the subscription I will be keeping. The box looked a bit nicer and was better quality. I like the smaller pamphlet it comes with and the perforated coupons. The way to earn dollars off is cool and I like that you can donate to their own charity. I like the quire shape of the Graze box as well. The snacks in Graze and Nibblr were both good but as a whole I felt like Graze was a bit healthier and I knew for sure that their snacks were indeed homemade and organic and I'm not positive about that with Nibblr. Graze was the original portion control box and I just have to be a fan of that one.

If ou have any questions about either box, let me know! I've tried both and had a ton of fun! Nibblr has one free smaller box.
If you use this coupon on (GWENDO1TP) then you get your first and fifth box free!

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