I was so excited when I found out I was getting another Voxbox. This one was small but packed with an awesome thing. Perfume! And Cologne!
Specifically from Calvin Klein and it's called Eternity Now.
When I first heard about it I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to think. But it turns out, they smell pretty good!
The women's smell came with this description on the package.
"A bright addictive floral
succulent radiant flowers
enveloped in a soft
cashmere veil"

And this is what it smells like. It's so nice, feminine and floral. But not too floral....
It's really hard to describe a good smelling perfume, you just need to go try it!

This box was fun because it came with a cologne we could give our man to try. Eternity Now for Men!
This is the description this one came with.
" A juicy oriental fougere
a youthful burst of energy
balanced with exotic woods"

This was not as good to me as the women's fragrance but it's still nice. It has a very sharp woodsy cologne smell. Something that most men would like.

So glad I got these for free from Influenster. Try the website out and try out Eternity Now!

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