This was a great box! I got a few new snacks and they were all great! They are starting to really know me well because of my snack ratings!

The first snack I had was the one I was most excited about. It was the Snickerdoodle Dip.

This was so good. The pretzels were pretty plain but that cookie dip was all I hoped it would be. It tasted like cookies but it's the right portion. So I know that I am not being too unhealthy. Great snack!

The second snack  I had was Zesty Chili Lime Cashews.

This was a snack I had had before but it is one of my favorites. The nuts are just a bit spicy and I love the lime. It's really strong and delicious.

The third snack I had was Vitamin C Crush.
This is one I had had before as well and it wasn't my favorite but I do love it. Here is a link to the review for this snack.
Vitamin C Crush

The fourth snack I had was Vietnamese Pho.

This was the last broth for me to try. It was great! It was spicy and a bit sour. The noodles and mushrooms are great. It always surprises me how much soup it makes and how filling it is. I just heat up the water in a normal size mug and then pour it into a bowl. And it's really good!

More reviews to come!

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