I'm Back!

It's been a long time since I posted about Graze! It took me so long to finish my box I just finished it today and my other one had come in the mail. But I'm pregnant! So exciting but morning sickness overtook me for a few months and I wasn't eating much haha. I had a few spicy snacks that has to wait until later. So here are my reviews! 

The first snack I had was Zesty Lime and Red Pepper Salsa. 
This is a great snack. The salsa was great. Not as fresh as I normally like but the thick crackers were a change that was fun from normal thin chips. 

The second snack I had was Peachy Orchard. 
This was so good. I loved the fruit and especially the fruit drops. Rhubarb is so good when it's dried like this. So much like candy and yet I know it's good for me. 

The third snack I had was Spicy Thai Sriacha Crunch. 
This was spicy. Normally I love spicy food but it's not so great when you're pregnant. And this isn't just spicy it's hot. Really hot. The corn is good and I love the sweet peas but honestly I had to much garlicky Sriacha taste left in my mouth when I was done. 

The fourth snack I had was Seseme Garlic Crunch. 
This was crunchy and delicious. There wasn't a super strong garlic flavor so that's great. It was so yummy and crunchy and delicious I could have eaten a whole bag of these. 

The fifth snack I had was the Original Protein Flapjack. 
This is one of my favorite breakfasts. The are sweet and soft and each one is so unique. This was a little plain compared to others they have but still delicious. 

The sixth snack I had was Honey Drizzled Cashews. 
These are yummy and crunchy. I wish there was more crunchy stuff but this was probably one of my favorite snacks in my box this time. 

The seventh snack I had was Deconstructed a Carrot Cake. 
This was super yummy. You guys know now that I love walnuts and those little fudge pieces and the carrot chews were super unique. I don't like raisins but this snack made them worth eating haha 

The last snack I had was Raspebrry and Coconut Muffin. 
This was yummy. I love the cookies and almonds and cranberries. The coconut I could live without but you can't had the muffin without it so it works. 

These were snacks! Like I said I already received my next box so it shouldn't take long to get another blog from me :) 

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