Another Graze Box

I've received another Graze box and am super excite about all these fun new snacks!
The first one I had was Vitamin C Crush.

This is one that I enjoy enough to keep getting but have always been weirded out about too much dry coconut. It's okay though. I love the pineapple.

The second snack I had was Caramel Apple. Somehow my picture for this has disappeared but I have eaten it before so you can check out some of my previous blogs! I absolutely love the delicious caramel!

The third snack I had was Sour Cream and Garlic Croustini. This picture has also disappeared but it was delicious! The garlic breads with the sour cream nuts were so good! I would eat these all the time!

The fourth snack I had was the Pumpkin Spice Flapjack.

This one was pretty sweet. I still like the flavor though. I can never pass up anything pumpkin spice flavored!

The fifth snack I had was Tuscan Pesto Kern Pops.

Loved this one! The pesto breadsticks are the best part. The cheese corn pops are okay but I could have just eaten a whole box of those pesto corn pops.

The sixth snack I had was Vanilla Walnut Fudge.

I love the walnuts and the creamy pieces of fudge. I could do without the raisins of course but these are still delicious!

The seventh snack I had was Energizing Almond, Carrot and Apple.

I loved the carrot chews in this! And when you pared them with the more plain almond and apple it was delicious! Healthy and simple.

The eighth and last snack I had was Malaysian Laksa.

This was a new broth bowl I was super excited to try! It was not as creamy as I was expecting and it was a little spicy but besides that it tastes delicious! I liked the little coconut and nut snack on the side but did wish there was some noodle or veggie in the broth.

Be back next time for my next box!

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