Graze box

so I know it's been forever since I've posted. But I had my baby back in November and life has just been a whirlwind since then! I did receive a box though back in November so I'll finally get around to posting about it now that I've received January's lol.

The first snack I had was Protein Peanut Butter Dipper.
This one was so good I didn't get a picture!
This was a great snack. The peanut butter is not sugary. It tastes healthy and still like a dessert. Love it.

The second snack I had was Chia Coconut Cookie with Black Tea.

Now I love the cookie with this snack. It's the second time I've gotten it. But the first time I had it it came with a herbal turmeric tea. This time it was black and because black tea is caffeinated I couldn't drink it. But the cookie was good.

The third snack I had was Peaches and Cream.

This is also a delicious snack. I love the white chocolate pieces paired with the gummy peaches. Yum.

The fourth snack I had was Thai Tom Yum.
No picture again. My bad! I've had it before though so you can find it in my pervious posts!
I've had this broth several times. It's not my favorite a bit too tangy for me but in general it's okay.

The fifth snack I had was Soy Roasted Seeds.
Again. In my previous posts :) This baby really got to me!
This was yummy. I've had this before as well and like the salty Soy paired with the nuts. It's not too strong just a different kind of salt to add instead.

The sixth snack I had was Sweet Mustard Ranch.

I love bold flavors so this tasted really good to me. The sweet mustard and garlicky ranch are delicious and super crunchy.

The seventh snack I had was Garden of England.

This is my favorite dried fruit blend they offer.  The strawberries are so sweet. They taste just like candy. I would love to make my own dried strawberries.

The eighth and last snack I had was the Original Fruity Flapjack.

This is a great fruity nutty snack that I very often have for breakfast instead. The pay are a sweet granola dessert that I fell in love with when I was in England.

I'll have a few crafty projects coming up soon that I can't wait to show you!

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