Clear Proof Voxbox

First and foremost I was so excited to get this is the mail free from Influenster and Mary Kay!

This was a really exciting product to receive. First, because it's normally pretty expensive at almost $50. I don't usually spend that much on my face wash. This was great to get free especially since I was almost out!

I tried it out and there are four pieces. The face cleanser.
The cleanser is clear and doesn't soap up to much but did make my face feel clean.

The second part was the control toner. I do like this part. It sorta burns and makes my skin feel good.

The third part is the blemish control. This is the spot remover for my zits. So far I think it works fine but I haven't been able to tell yet.

The fourth part is the moisturizer. It says it's for acne prone skin but I think I have a few more zits on my chin because of it. I normally have oily skin and even though this is oil free my skin doesn't like it.
I will probably try the face wash without the lotion and see if my zits get any better. Hopefully that will help.
Let me now what you guys think about it. I'm interested in hearing!

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