Graze is back!

I was so excited to see that my Graze boxes would be coming back and I would only be missing a month of boxes.
So here I am!
This box was pretty good too. I got several snacks I hadn't had before.

The first snack I had was Tuscan Pesto Corn Pops.

This was a great mix! I love love love the pesto sticks. They are the best. The cheddar corn kernels are pretty good too. Great blend.

The next snack I had was the Vanilla Almond Granola Topper. Let's just say this was so good I ate the whole thing without thinking to take a picture! It looks like a basic granola though. It was sweet but not in a superficial way and I loved the almonds and vanilla that was the best part!

The next snack I had was Active Nutrient Blend. This was also delicious. This was also the only snack I had before! (Thank goodness!) See my review for it here!
Active Nutrient Blend

The last snack I had was the Summer Berry Compote.

Sorry I was so bad at taking pictures this time around! This was delicious though. Anyone who has read my reviews before knows I love the banana caramel dippers. And these are the same shortbread cookies so that's awesome. The berry compote is so delicious! Love the freshness and sweetness.

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