Thai Tom Yum!!

This is seriously such a cool box!
I got three snacks I hadn't had before and I have one that I love to eat! So much fun!!

So, the first snack I had was Stars and Stripes.

This was so much fun. The red current stars were like homemade gummies as were the raspberry strings which I've had before and love. The blueberry flavored cranberries are also great. This was a perfect dessert one day!

The second snack I had was Punch Protein Nuts. I had had this one before and loved it. Here is my previous review!
Punchy Protein Nuts

The third snack was the Lemon Drizzle Flapjack.

These were super yummy. They were a bit sweet but I still enjoyed them for breakfast. Though they would make a great dessert as well!

They fourth snack was my favorite of course! I was so excited to try my second of the three soups. Yum!

It came with the paste that you mix with 8 oz. of hot water. It also had a ton of dried veggies from zucchini to peppers and some rice noodles. It was spicy and sour and just delicious. Such a great lunch!

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