Christmas Grazing!

This box is super cute. It was covered in little Christmas trees, birds, snowflakes, and all sorts of cute decorations. Love!

The first snack I had in my box was the Pumpkin Spice Flapjack.
This was pretty good. A bit sweet and the pumpkin flavor wasn't super strong but it was good. There were bits of fruit in there as well.

The second snack I had was the Smart Blondie.
The word "smart" does imply that it is healthy for you. But, I thought that it was a bit too healthy and tasted less like a blondie than a granola bar or a fruitcake. It was good and I'd get it again but blondie seems a bit too dessert like.

The third snack I had was the Sour Cream and Garlic Crostini.

This was by far my favorite in the box and may be one of favorites so far that I've tried. You have these little garlic toasty breads that are delicious and then there are sour cream and onion cashews which I love from one of their other snacks. It was great! Beware of garlic breath by in my mind it's all worth it.

The fourth snack I had was a repeat and it was the Thai Sweet Chili Bites.
You can see my review for this snack here.

I'll be back in a few weeks and with a bigger  snack box and that means bigger posts! Stay tuned!

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