Graze reviews

This graze box has been pretty great. I really have loved the eight snack box instead of the four count. 

The first snack I had was the White Chocolate with Blueberry Toasts. 
These were so good! I loved the toast. They had a great blueberry flavor. Like a muffin. Also the white chocolate was sweet but I like that. 

The second snack I had was the New York Everything Bagel. 
This was a super yummy snack. Good for breakfast or later. The have an onion flavor just like the original bagel. 

The third snack I had was Thai Tom Yum. 

This is the second time I had this one and I still like it. It really fills you up. I had it for lunch and loved it. So much sweet and sour flavor. 

The fourth snack I had was Lemon Drizzle Flapjack. 

These are a great breakfast item. I love having them. This one I have had one time before and they are pretty sweet but have good lemon flavor. Overall pretty good. 

The fifth snack I had was Mango Coconut Protein Granola Topper. 
This was interesting. After a few bites a liked it but it was really surprising. The Mango and passion fruit cousins was very tart and strong. I'm glad I could tell it was homemade and not overly sweet it was just surprisingly tart. Especially since I had it for breakfast and I wasn't fully awake yet. 

The sixth snack I had was Garden of England. 
This is another one I had for breakfast. The Apple was okay. I'm not s huge fan of dried apples. The strawberries were great and the currants were pretty sour. Overall good but not my favorite. 

The seventh was Soy Roasted Seeds. 
This was the second or third time I had this one. And even though I love soy this just wasn't as great as I remembered it being in the past. The dog flavor seemed less. Not sure. Could have been my taste buds. 

The last snack I had was Sweet Mephis BBQ. 
This was probably my favorite in the box. I loved the salsa peanuts and wild rice sticks but the crunchy be peas were the best. I would eat this one again for sure. 

I'll be back in a month with a new box! 

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