L'Oreal Extraordinary Oils Haircare

I have received another Voxbobx free from Influenster. 
This is one of the best I've gotten! Three full sized bottles of L'Oreals Extraordinary Oils Haircare system. 
The first was a shampoo which tons of different oils in there to help nourish damaged hair. 
The second one is a conditioner. Very similar to the shampoo it has several oils to he renourish damaged hair. 
The third is a hair mask. This was the coolest product. It comes in a jar since it's so thick. It really felt great in my hair. 
All these products smell amazing and I could smell them all day in my hair. 
They really made my hair less frizzy than it's ever been. I always have super damaged hair from flat irons and hair products. Using this once made a difference even. 
Everyone should try this stuff if you have damaged hair. It really made a difference and it's not expensive. 
Thanks Influenster! 

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