Graze Graze Grazing

I finally finished my last snack box! 
Good stuff in this one too! 
First was Iced Cinnamon Bun 
This was just flat out delicious. The cinnamon nuts and cookies and almonds really tasted like a cinnamon bun. I could eat this one all day. The yogurt seeds really add that creaminess. 

The next one I had was Summer Berry Flapjack. 
You can tell by the lighting I always eat these for breakfast. They are great and this flavor with the dried fruit has always been one of my favorites. 

The third snack I had was Herby Bread Basket. 
No picture because it's on one of my previous blogs. But this is a favorite of mine. I've had it several times an the different crackers all taste like a different piece of Italy and it's great. 

The Fourth one I had was Summertime Punch. 

This was okay. I always love tropical flavors but never know how I feel about dried coconut. The pineapple and the golden berries are great though! 

The fifth one I had was Chinese Shitake. 
This was a broth bowl I had been wanting to try. The broth was very similar to others I had before her. The mushrooms and noodles and corn were great though. I wish all the broth in the bowls was more sweet and less sour. 

The sixth one I had was Peanut Butter and Jelly. 

This was also one of the best ones I've peanuts with the fudge and fruit strings were absolutely delicious. I could a huge bag of this for sure! 

The seventh one I had was Snickerdoodle Dip. 
This is also a favorite I get pretty often. It's delicious. Who doesn't like cookie butter. 

The last snack I had was Sweet Rhubarb Jam. 

This was yummy. I'm in love with dried rhubarb. I could eat it all day it's so good for you but tastes like candy. Yum. 

Check out more coming soon! 

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