Love with Food

As you all know, I love to try new subscription boxes. The newest one I have tried is Love with Food.

This was a great box! I would say it's somewhere in between Nature box and Graze.
You get bigger snacks and lots of different variety and they were all great!
They only send out one box a month right now and everyone gets the same box. But I think this is a worth it subscription.

Here's what I think.

The first thing I tried was Laiki Red Rice Crackers.

These were so yummy! They were so simple and a bit salty. Even my husband liked these and he isn't in to the health foods as much as I am!

The second snack I had was Fruit Bliss Mini Figs.

I do love some fresh figs but these dried ones weren't my favorite. They were very sweet and I think that they are just better fresh. But if you are into dried fruits then I'm sure you'll love these!

The third snack I had was Smart States and Capitol Cookies.

These were so much fun and I think kids would really love these just like animal crackers. I normally don't like store bought cookies but these tasted really good. They are just like a crunchy, buttery shortbread.

The next snack I had was Chipz Happen Sinful Sweetheat.

These were my favorite snack in the back! They are tortilla chips that have been baked and covered in cinnamon sugar and cayenne pepper. They are sweet and spicy and delicious.

The next couple snacks I didn't taste personally but my family said they were all delicious!

The last thing in my box was  seasoning Mix. I didn't get a picture of it but it tasted so great and I used it on meat and veggies. What I liked most about this seasoning salt is that it had a lot of celery in it and that was great! 

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