Still Grazing

Here is another Graze review coming your way!

The first snack I had in my box was the Toffee Apple and I have had it before so you can check it out here on my previous post!

Graze box Number 3

The second snack I ate was Punchy Protein nuts and this was a new one for me but I didn't get a picture. Reason number one, I was at work and reason number two, it tasted really good. Most of the nuts were just plain and yummy but the cashews had chili and lime on them and the lime was so fresh tasting!

The third snack I ate was the Herby Bread Basket and I've had this one as well and I liked it better than the first time I had it! Check out my review here and take to heart that it's better this time haha.

(Actually, funny enough it was in the same box as the Toffee Apple so here's the same link again.)
Graze box Number 3

The fourth and last snack I had was the Fiery Seeds.
This was a great snack! The seed were spicy but not too hot, and they had a salty addicting quality and I wished that there were more! Yum! 

I promise next time there will be more pictures! 

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