Nature Box Number Two!

If you guys remember I got a free sample Nature box back in September! 
I wasn't really impressed so I decided to go ahead and cancel my subscription. But last month as a Christmas surprise they sent me another free box. And I could get five full size snacks and pick them out myself! Which was all not possible with the first one. 
So, of course, I decided to get it. 
I am definitely more happy with the snacks I got in this box. They are all really yummy and I would probably keep the subscription if I wasn't on a budget!

As you can see everything is really big and a great size! 

The first snack I tried was the Carrot Strawberry Fruit Chews. 

I was really excited to see they had these and they really were so healthy and delicious! I would get these again. It really reminded me of the fruit leather I was to eat when I was a kid. 

The second snack I had was Asiago and Cheddar Cheese Crisps

These were really awesome as well! I had ordered something called Sunshine Chips but apparently they were really popular so they sent me this instead which ended up working out really well! These are sorta like grown-up Cheese-it's But they are so much better! 

The third snack I tasted was Sea Peas

I really wanted these to taste good and when I ordered them I was really excited. I guess I was thinking they were gonna be a bit more on the salty side instead of tasting straight up like seaweed but that's just what they tasted like. This was the only one I didn't really like to much. My picks got a little too excited I guess haha. 

The fourth snack I tried was Guacamole Bites
 This was the snack that I was the most excited about. I have this weird obsession with guacamole and these really do taste so good. The guacamole flavor is on point and the crispy sticks taste so healthy. I love them! 

The fifth snack I had was the Sriracha Rice Crackers

I have always love rice crackers. They have such a unique flavor and they are a bit sweet and crunchy. These were fun because I could taste the super spicy sriracha and also the sweetness from the rice crackers. Yum!

Now normally this would be it but I got a surprise bonus snack I didn't order. I got Pear Praline Crunch. 
 This one was okay. They are pretty sweet and they pear and the nuts is actually sorta a funny mixture. They were okay. 

So that was my free nature box. Such a good deal for free!

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