DIY Furniture

I'm not super good at crafts. Some people have that talent and that's not me. But I've found out the redoing furniture is something that anyone can do. It's not hard and it's fun! It just takes time and not a lot of money. Which is good for all of s on a budget. 

So, I got these pieces of furniture for free from someone who was moving. None of it really matched well. So I decided we were going to paint them. 

I didn't know too much about paint but it's easy to learn and do. We knew we had to sand everything down. Whether what you're painting is already painted like out black tv cabinet or finished like the wood tables it's got to come off. This was the hardest part of the whole job. 
Sanding the black stand was easy. It just needs to be scuffed up. Not all the paint needed to come off since it didn't have the finish on it. 
The tables were a different story and I learned the hard way. 
We sanded the tables at first just as much as the stand and it wasn't enough. As soon as we started to spray them the paint was running off. So we had to let them dry and sand them even more with an even rougher paper. It took a couple extra hours to really rub off the finish...and a lot of sand paper. 
TIP: The sand paper blocks were great for trying to get the finish off. 
Once you are done sanding, take a wet rag to it to get all the dust off and let it dry completely. 

Spraying all this furniture you need to make sure you take all the doors and handles off if you are doing them a different color like I did. We used blue and creme spray paint. To do all this it took two bottles of creme and four bottles of blue. We did about two coats of paint on everything. 
First the top coat. This just goes on and covers every bit of the wood. Don't worry as much about drips but if you want to rub your finger across the ones you see as you go that's fine. 
When the first coat has dried (a couple hours), I took a super fine sanding block to get rid of any bubbles or drips on the first coat. Then wipe it down again with a dry rag and take your second coat to anything. 
This coat I let sit for 24 hours. If you think like you need a touch up coat go ahead. If not, your furniture is ready to be put back together and brought into the house! 

This is something I was sure I could do and now I know I can't stop! I'm gonna be doing more so just wait! I think next will be out chandelier. Stay tuned! 

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