Graze Summer

I love getting Graze boxes in the summer. There are so many great places you can take your boxes.
This box I received most recently has some snacks in it I've had before but as I get closer to trying more I can narrow my reach down. Soon I'll have the perfect pick of snacks for me.

The first snack I had was Vitamin C Crush. I always say I'm gonna love these tropical snacks but I've never been a big fan of dried coconut. This did have it in there but besides that it's pretty good. They're dried pineapple is just the best!

The second snack I had was Cinnamon Fig Roll. This wasn't my favorite. I don't like raisins but i kept this one because I do like figs. But the raisins overpowered. It was actually the first snack I didn't finish. Nothing to do with Graze. I just don't like raisins. 

The third snack I had was Punchy Protein Nuts. This is one I've had before and I just still love the chili lime nuts. Check out the review here.....I just went looking for the review an couldn't find it...woops! but let me just say they were great! 

The fourth snack I had was the Banana Caramel Dippers. These are so great this is the third time I've had them. Their caramel is the best and the cookies are so delicious. 

Can I just say I am super excited to see what happens with all their new snacks. I'm hoping to get either a broth or a new snack in my next box. We'll see! 

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