3, 2, 1, Graze!!

Got some more fun snack reviews for ya!

I received a couple new ones and a couple old favorites so all in all, a good basket!

Snack number one was the Everything Bagel!

I was super excited to try this snack and it didn't taste as much like an everything bagel as I was expecting. They really just tasted like sesame sticks to me. When  I taste an everything bagel the main first flavor is onion and that is followed by the poppyseeds. That would make a great everything bagel stick.

The second snack was the Vanilla Walnut Fudge.
This was a great snack! I ate it faster than I wanted haha. The walnuts are great (I could have used a few more)! the raisins are great in this even though I'm not a big fan. That makes this snack really great! The pumpkin seeds are delicious. They are a but crunchy and sugary. The fudge of course is great! All around yummy snack.

The third snack I'd had before and it was Caramel Apple.
This is the third time I'd had this and it was just as good this time as any time. Their caramel makes everything great. I could dip anything in it. It's so rich!

The fourth snack I had was the Herby Bread Basket and this was the this time I'd had this one as well. You can check out a previous review of it here!
Graze Box Number Three

If you want two free boxes use this code at their website graze.com !

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