So this is a story about a girl who did not make the right decisions. With her blog.
As many of you know from my DIY wedding post, I got married back in July of 2014.
Because of that, my last name changed. So, like any normal person I changed my email from Gwendolyn Cipkowski to Gwendolyn Wheat.
But, again, like any normal person this day in age, I have a ton of stuff on my gmail so I keep my old one for over a year until I was able to get everything switched over. That included switching this blog over. It really wasn't that complicated.
So last month I deleted my old email. I didn't need it anymore. Everything was switched over and I'm too OCD to leave something like that just sitting around. Of course, it warned me that I was going to be deleting all this stuff forever. But in my head, "Oh, I have it all..."
So now whenever you go back to June 26, 2014 or before (the day I switched my name on my new email), all the pictures from those posts are gone.....
Which stinks....
If you want one, just comment and I'll send it to you if I still have it. But, I'm not going to spend the time to re-add the ones I even still have.

So that's my sob story.

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