The big graze box!

So, in the past month the little four snack Graze box I had been getting that was grandfathered over was finally disappearing. I was sad but didn't want to lose graze so I decided to switch to an 8 snack box on a bi-monthly basis. 
And I have received and tasted my new box! It was a lot of fun and great to get more at once to have some options to choose from.

The first snack I received was the Strawberries and Cream Granola Topper. 
I will warn you this month I was super bad about taking pictures of my snacks so you'll have to bear with me. This one doesn't have a picture but it was super delicious. The cream covered strawberries and the dried strawberries ar the best. The oats are not super sweet like some can be and I know it's good for you.

The second snack was Creamy Ranch Kern Pops. 
These were so good! The ranch flavor was perfect and they were crunchy and healthy. Yum! 

The third snack I had was Banana Caramel Dippers. This is one I get pretty often and have always loved it. The banana cookies are great and the caramel is the best. Yum! 

The fourth snack I had was Active Nutrient Blend. 
This was great but not the best one. I really enjoy having more flavor and while the dates and nuts are yummy and good for you, I think I'd rather have more flavor. 

 The fifth snack I had was Cinnamon Pretzel. 
The nuts in this were delicious. They were a perfect sweet and crunchy dessert. But I didn't care for the pretzels. They just didn't have any flavor and needed maybe the same sugar as the nuts. 

The sixth snack was Butterscotch Popcorn Flapjack. 
We all know all the flapjacks are great. This was pretty sweet but I still enjoyed are a great breakfast for me. 

The seventh snack was Stars and Stripes. 
This was one I had had once before and loved it. It's sweet and fruity and anyone who knows me knows I love fruit gummy and this is exactly what this is.. Yum! 

The last snack I had was Pizza Margherita. 
This snack was so good! It really did taste like pizza! And who doesn't love pizza. It was so crunchy and I was for sure eat this one. 

It will be a few weeks since I'm not getting these as often but it will happen soon again! Look forward to more reviews. 

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