Are you hungry?

Here is another product that I have fallen in love with and hope you guys do too! 
It's called
Whether you are looking to eat healthier, just love to snack or want to get quick snacks this is for you!
Here's how it works.
You have to be invited. Luckily I have a code that will give you a free first and fifth box so happy birthday.
Now that you have your free code you can go to the website and start an account. You can choose between the Nibble box and the Calorie Counter. The Nibble box gives you a selection of 100 snacks to choose from and the Calorie Counter just has the healthy options under 100 calories.
There are four snacks per box and the are perfectly portioned. You can choose when you want to receive your box and they are only $6 a box and free shipping! Once you get on and order your first box you can go to the snacks tab and choose whether you Love, Like, Try or Trash certain items. This will tell the Kitchen (who is literally putting you box to ether by hand) what products to put in your box. So much fun! I don't like chocolate, so I automatically took out all of the chocolate items.

 I received my first box just today! It came in a super cute small box that is recyclable. Inside were my first four snacks. The first was Scrumptious Blueberry Swirl (who doesn't love their names??). It had blueberry yogurt cover raisins, raspberry flavored craisins (which were so good!) and black currants (which I had never had but they tasted so amazing like candy!). I had no idea dried fruit could taste this good but it did. I would show you a picture but I already ate it! The second thing in the box was Black pepper pop corn. Not popped so it's microwaveable! I haven't eaten it but it looks yummy! The third item was Boston Baguettes and tomato relish. Again, haven't eaten them but these look really good! The last item was slightly salted pistachios. I love pistachios but I trashed this item because I felt like I could get these at any grocery store while the other items were unique.

 So, you can see how this can be a lot of fun and it's really not expensive. I seriously suggest you try it! I mean why not I gave you a free code! Let me know if you have any questions as to how it works! Should be cool and I will post pictures soon with the rest of the snacks that I haven't eaten!

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