Influenster products!

Here is a little review about my Influenster Sargento Cheese Ultra Thin Voxbox!

It has been a fun experience and let me just say this cheese it a lot of fun! I am a huge cheese person and these super thin slices and just really yummy.
The box came in the mail like this.

It was super cute and came with this fun lunch box.
You take the voucher from inside and redeem your cheese from your local grocer. Then you can start having fun! I got the sharp cheddar and mild cheddar cheeses! And you can start to snack and review the products and make fun posts on your social media sites and all that! It's been great! I plan on making a wrap tonight and these yummy  melty ham sandwiches soon after! It will be a lot of fun! I'll get back to you soon about the other things I do with this. Stay tuned!

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