I have found a ton of fun new things in the past few weeks!
 The first one that got me started was a website called Influenster.
 Here's how it works.
 Pretty much you get invited to this website and make a profile like you would on any other website. You link all of your social media accounts to this profile and they give you a certain amount of points for each profile that you connect. After this you can start to review products you enjoy! That's the point of this website to review products.

 Here comes the cool part!
 Once you have reviewed some of your favorite products and got some badges for things you are interested in you may have a chance to get a free voxbox! They comes filled with all sorts of different free products for you to test! I got my first voxbox in the mail the other day. It was a Sargento Cheese Ultra Thin Slices box. It came in a super cute lunch box and a voucher that I was able to pick up two of my favorite packages of the cheese to try. I have started to taste and review. It has been a ton of fun to actually get to try these products and review them! I can't wait to hopefully get another voxbox in the mail soon. Not everyone always qualifies for one but they will let you know when you do! I have posted the link to the website right here!
 Make sure to check it out! Hopefully by next week I will post again with some fun pictures!
 Let me know what you think about Influenster or if you have any questions!

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