This is an organization that has absolutely changed my life!

We all know that there are kids and families all over the world especially in third world countries that just can't provide for themselves, don't have clean water or many other things.

Compassion is an organization that is working to alleviate as much pain as possible.
When you join Compassion you get to "adopt" a child and pay for them to be able to have food, water, education, clothes, a better home and even help support the family or people they live with. It has been one of the most rewarding things and I love being able to see the change in my childs life.

I have adopted a little girl who's full name is Peterlina Rejoice Duker but everyone calls her Ekua which has to do with the month she was born. She just turned seven years old and I have been sponsoring her and her family since she was four. She is from a small village in Ghana. I get to write her letters every month and get some from her on a very frequent basis. There are translators that help her write and that translate my letters so she can have the original. I have been able to send her extra money for Christmas and birthdays and get pictures every once in a while of things she has bought with the money. I get to hear how her family is doing and what she is learning in school. I have been so blessed by getting to support her and I hope in the future I will get to support more.

It only costs 38 dollars a month. That's just over a dollar a day. And it pays for everything she needs. I know she will grow up to be a smart healthy girl because of the money that is going to pay for her future.


I hope you take a minute to look at their website and maybe even support a child. There are plenty that really need you help!

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