Graze box!

I am here to review this months Graze box! 
It had some good snacks that's why I finished it so quickly. 
I also had tweeted Graze before they finished my box asking if I could have a white chocolate snack and I got one! So of course that's the first one I tried! 

This snack was called Berries and Cream Gelato 

This was pretty yummy! It tasted like desert but isn't that bad for you! It had dried strawberries, yogurt covered strawberry pieces, raspberry fruit strings and white chocolate buttons. The dried strawberries and raspberry fruit strings have always been some of my favorites. The yogurt covered strawberry pieces were oaky just a little funny. The white chocolate was stronger than I was expecting. It's just really good real white chocolate and ended having to grow on me. I'm glad they are using good products though. 

The second snack I had was Active Nutrient Blend. 

I was pretty hungry when I opened this one up. It was super yummy too! I love the dates. They are sweet and delicious. I wish there were more walnuts but they are still yummy. The pumpkin seeds were good but I like the other parts better. Good snack! 

The next two snacks I had before so I'll put links to my previous reviews! 

The third snack I had was Summer Berry flapjack!

The fourth snack I tried was the Cheese and Chive Oatbakes. 

Have fun looking and trying! Let me know what you think. 

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