Montagne Juenesse Manuka Honey Peel Off

Here is a review you have been waiting for!
I got the Montagne Juenesse Manuka Honey Peel Off Mask free from Influenster in my latest box the Refresh Voxbox.
It was pretty fun though I'm not sure how well it actually works on skin or my skin at least.
There doesn't seem like a lot in the package at first but then there was more than enough to cover m face.
I spread it on and it was sticky and thick and smelled really good! Like honey of course!
You then have to sit for 20 minutes to let it dry. I read Harry Potter of course (number six). It gets super hard. So hard that when you try and make any facial expression you can't and that made me want to laugh but I can't do that either haha.
When it got hard enough it was time to peel off. It was pretty fun i'm not gonna lie. If you were that kid who poured glue on their hands just to get to peel it off after it dried, this is for you. It peels right off and then your'e supposed to be good to go. Some of the mask did get stuck in my hair and it did get stuck around my eyes nose and chin. Also when it was all off it had made my skin look so dry, which it was so that may be why.
Today though when I had slept on it, my mask had made my skin much less dry. Though I think my skin had formed a pimple. Not sure if it's just a coincidence though.
So, overall, it turns out they are pretty fun but not sure it was great for my skin!
Hope you all try it!

Montagne Juenesse


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