The Yogurt Battle

We all know greek yogurt has really been popular the past couple years. And I'm not gonna lie, I really do love it. I like it much better than normal yogurt actually. It's thick and creamy and I love the tart taste. It tastes like it's better for me! 
The first greek yogurt I ever tried when it first came out was Chobani and I wasn't a big fan. I quickly switched to Muller Yogurt Greek Corners which is what I have been eating ever since. 
But then something happened! 
Kroger offered me two free yogurts. one Chobani Greek 100, and one Yoplait Greek 100. I decided to judge them all so I also bought Muller Greek 100 even though I normally don'y buy 100 calorie yogurt.

So, The first one I tried was the Chobani Greek 100 calorie yogurt. I had strawberry on the bottom. It was really not that great. The taste was just like a remembered it; too tart for my taste. I did like that it was all natural, so the strawberry tasted good and it was a normal color, with no high fructose corn syrup. I wouldn't buy it again though. 

The second one I tried was the Muller Greek Corner 100 calorie yogurt. I had black cherry and pomegranate. This was normal for me because I was used to pouring the fruit over my yogurt from the corner. There seemed to be a little less fruit than normal but the same amount of yogurt. I sometimes wonder how they make the same amount of yogurt less calories...that scares me. It did taste okay though. Really it tasted almost the same as the yogurt I already enjoy. I would buy this one again. 

The last one I tried, of course, has to be the Yoplait Greek 100 calorie yogurt. I have always thought that normal Yoplait yogurt was too sweet and that have been known to chalk their yogurt full of bad sugars. The back of the yogurt didn't seem to indicate as much though. And, of course, this one tasted the best. The fruit was all mixed in and it was sweet. It almost feels like it shouldn't be breakfast. It was the only one I finished the full one but I kept looking on the back for something I'm not supposed to be eating. While this one tasted the best, it seemed to have more sugar than I wanted to I won't be buying this one again. 

That pretty much leads me back to where I started. I have tried some other greek yogurts and come to the conclusion that I will stick with my Muller Greek Yogurt Corners. The ones that have normal amounts of calories. 

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