DIY Wedding

I have been for the past few months planning my wedding which is now 33 days away!!!
I have been waiting to post my DIY projects for the actually reception after I get some nice pictures but my Bridal shower was a couple days ago and there are some cute ideas from that for a nice classy bridal shower without any of the tackiness!

It's super simple to have a classy tea party with yummy snacks. There doesn't have to be cheesy games.

Lots of white will add the classiness you are looking for in your party. Also pictures and flowers that match your wedding scheme are what you're looking for! As you can see we have to crafts above that are great ways to get people involved as soon as the arrive without the silliness. Most adults don't really want to play silly games. We have a white vase and paint markers that match the wedding colors for people to sign. Also we had popsicle sticks we painted and put in a mason jar for them to write date night ideas on. These are things you can keep with you that will be good memories!

It's so easy to make your whole backyard look like a classy party! The table underneath the table cloth is a plain ugly plastic table and the chairs were old ones that chair renters has thrown away. We cleaned them and spray painted the legs and they look brand new! My sister made the bunting (little flags on the string) that is hanging on the porch. It says "tying the knot". Super simple! Just cut papers that are your wedding colors, paint on the letters, we hooked them to a piece of twine with mini clothespins which you can get at any craft store.

We got these drink containers for cheap at our local grocer and they make any drink look beautiful and adding lemons to your water adds a refreshing flavor and a beautiful look!

Put your desserts on a separate table from the main dishes. It keeps people from getting crowded and gives different pretty sections for people to look at. We made homemade wedding cake cupcakes and homemade lemon curd pies (which in be in my next post!). Pretty and simple.

The lunch buffet is my favorite part! Again, lots of white! Table cloths and napkins are the best for making sometime look so beautiful. In the back you can see a picture of us, the personalization is key. We used a raised buffet dish set you could get in any cooking store but if not a cheap way to raise dishes off the table is to put cardboard boxes of different sizes and cover them with white cloth and there you go no one will ever know! 
Above is a picture of turkey, cheese and garlic aoili (mayonnaise, garlic powered, hot sauce, lemon juice), and different colored wraps. Beautiful! 

Look how beautiful! The candles at a perfect, cheap centerpiece. The back metal holder has croissants for the chicken salad another easy beautiful dish, then we have mixed greens, strawberries, blueberries and pecans in the salad, and pasta salad with tomatoes, artichokes, olives, peppers and pesto!

As you can see we are turning a bridal shower into a beautiful backyard party instead of a cheesy mess.

If you have questions about how to make your party classy let me know and I'll share more secrets! 

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