Strawberry Jello Rolls

My little sister absolutely loves jello. It's not something we make very often so I'm not sure it's my favorite.
I came across the following recipe on Pinterest and it actually turns out like you think it would!
1. Pick out your favorite box of Jello. We used strawberry.
2. In a bowl mix the Jello with one cup of water. While you do this put one cup of mini marshmallows in the microwave just until they start to puff up. No more! I cut up big marshmallows since that's all we had and it worked fine.
3. After the marshmallows puff up, pour the jello over the marshmallows and stiff it until the marshmallows are dissolved.
4. Pour into a sprayed pan. The original recipe said 9x9 but I would use 9x13 to make it thinner.
5. Let it set in the fridge for at least an hour.
6. Once it's firm let it slide out of the pan and slice it long ways. Should make about 8 slices. Roll them up and there you go!

The cool part of this recipe is the marshmallows. If you don't let them puff too much they will separate in the fridge from the jello making the two layers.

Pretty cool!

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