Chimichurri Pasta Salad

I am in love with fresh herbs and Chimichurri is the best sauce! It is an herb sauce that is made frequently in Brazil with parsley, olive oil, lemon juice, vinegar and oregano (I add cilantro which is amazing!) I decided this would make a great sauce for pasta and I was right! 

This is an easy dish and you can change it up any way you like!!

I start with cooking my favorite pasta noodle. I used shells but you could do bow ties or penne if you like that better. 

While that is cooking I sauté one shallot and some garlic till it's soft. 

Then I add the vegetables from hard to soft. So I used in this order: fresh green beans, an orange bell pepper, artichokes from a jar, yellow baby tomatoes, frozen green peas. You can seriously use any veggies you like or what you have at home. While the green beans were cooking I added a bit of crushed red pepper for a bite. 

Tip! If you use the marinated jarred artichokes use some of that oil to sauté your shallot and garlic instead of plain olive oil. 

Now, you don't want to cook the veggies to much. You just want to warm them up. I love the crunchy raw veggie. The green beans can be a bit softer but you don't want soggy peppers and tomatoes. 

Once your veggies are done pour the pasta in the pot and pour your chimichurri right over the top. Toss it lightly and there you go! 

You can eat this hot, cold or somewhere in the middle. It's great either way. I personally like it colder but not cold out of the fridge. If you do eat it leftover try microwaving it for a few seconds to take the edge off and melt the chimichurri. 

Let me know how it goes or leave a review! 

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