Nature Box

When I realized how much I loved food box subscriptions I decided to try the ones in my price range and this was one of them!

Naturebox is different from the others I've tried.

You get to pick exactly what snacks you want and they come in bags, not portion controlled but still healthy for you.
When I was first going through their website it was hard for me to understand how picking the snacks worked until I had looked for a while.

When you sign up you get to try a free sampler box. They send you some basic snacks. One big bag and three small personal size bags.

These snacks also come in bags which I like about the same as the other subscriptions that send their snacks in boxes.

I wasn't thrilled with the quality of the snacks. They were okay.

The first snack I tried was Garden Tomato Crunchies.

I was most excited about these and they weren't great at all. They were supposed to be tomato flavored almonds but all I tasted was almonds. When I got down to the bottom of the bag there was all the seasoning and it tasted good. Too bad it didn't stick to the nuts.

The second snack I had was Seasalt Suncrunch.

These were yummy crackers made of sesame and sunflower seeds and they were salty which I like. This was by far my favorite snack I had and probably the only one I'd get again.

The third snack I had was Coconut cashews.

These I had for breakfast one morning. After the tomato almonds I was ready not to taste any seasoning on these nuts but they did indeed taste like coconut. They were pretty sweet and I do wish I could have actually seen the pieces of coconut. I wasn't sure they were actually real and or healthy.

The fourth snack I had was Cinnamon Swirl Kettle Kernels.

These weren't great. The cinnamon sugar on plain crunchy corn kernels wasn't a great idea. They also tasted super buttery which I didn't really like. They really just tasted like baked super crunchy corn.. Weird.

The big snack bag I had was Seasalt Pop Pops.

These I was skeptical of after trying the whole crunchy cinnamon kernels. But they were great! They were just salty and were popped kernels. They were a bit lighter and just a nice snack. They were in general pretty good.

After trying all these snacks and not being super impressed and not having at least $10 a month for a box,  I decided to go ahead and cancel my subscription. It was fun to try but I don't think I'l bother getting it again.

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