I love Graze!

So here is my regular post about all my graze boxes!

This box was pretty fun and I liked a couple of snacks so much I ate them too fast and didn't get a picture of them haha.

So I'll list those first.

The first snack I had was the Banana Caramel Dippers. I had this snack in my trash for a while and them decided to try it. I'm not a big banana person but it seemed like a good possibility. So I got it and it was rely good! Their caramel is always amazing and the banana dippers were like banana flavored shortbread and they were really yummy and a good size snack.

The second snack I had was Beach Bum. This was also one I wasn't sure about because of the chewy banana coins. It was those, pineapple and coconut. The thing about this was that I don't like normal dried bananas. They are crunchy and have a funny texture but I like the flavor. These CHEWY banana coins were amazing! The texture was better and it had that great banana flavor. The pineapple and coconut is always a gray option.

The third snack I had was Jalapeño Fiesta. This was okay. It had jalapeño peanuts, sunflower seeds, salsa almonds and pumpkin seeds. There was good flavor and I ate it but it was just okay. 

The fourth snack and last snack I had were the Sour Cream and Onion Cashews. These were so good! They tasted like a snack I shouldn't be eating alms like a chip. They do have quite a few calories but they are a great source of protein and some vitamins and minerals! Yum! 

So that's todays box! I'll be getting another soon! Stay tuned! And if you want a Graze box for yourself use this code and get your first and fifth box free! GWENDO1TP

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