Graze! Snacking the Healthy way!

This box I was super excited about and it just did' turn out as awesome as I thought.
I'm not gonna cancel my subscription or anything I just didn't get super excited about some of the snacks as I thought I was gonna be.

The first snack I had was the Walnut and Vanilla Truffle. It was super delicious. The walnuts are always yummy, it had these little sugary chewy fudge pieces, The raisins were good and I don't even like raisins and the pumpkin seeds were roasted with sugar so of course the were good. Just yum.

The second snack I had was the salt and vinegar nuts. This was the snack I was really excited about and it tasted really superficial. Which is odd because most of their snacks were super healthy but to get that salt and vinegar flavor they used some were chemicals and preservatives I saw in the ingredients. They didn't have a great taste.

The third snack I had was Garden of England and it had chewy strawberries, black currents, and soft apple pieces. This was good. I didn't like the strawberries when I had them with the bananas because they just tasted like bananas but in this they just like strawberries. Super good.

This was the last snack I had and it is called Fruity Mango Chutney. The breadsticks are really spicy and the chutney isn't super sweet so it was great. It had a great flavor. Fruity, spicy. Yum

So I guess three out of four is a pretty great box I just couldn't seem to get over the weird Salt and Vinegar nuts. Tasted just a bit funny.
Next box coming in a few weeks.

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