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I think most of us who watch or read the news online have heard about that cruise ship called the Quantum of the Seas.

Because of the new high-tech quality of this ship, a ton of posts have come out about how crazy this ship is and whether it's a good idea or not.

This was one of the most fascinating articles I read, written by Adam Clark Estes.

Here is the article please read!
The World's Most Futuristic Cruise Ship Made Me Miss the Past

So, I have been on my share of cruise ships and my family has been on even more. I absolutely love them, but this ship really doesn't excite me. The part of the ships I actually liked was the fact that my cell phone went in my closet rendered totally useless on the open ocean because there never was any wifi. I loved the glassy look of the lobby and the lights and the dance floors. I liked that the only screen was the outdoor movie screen that came out only a couple nights during my stay. I loved the shows and the dances. They are still one of my favorite parts (beside the food of course).

How much more do I need to say?
The beauty of a cruise ship is the fact that I can fully immerse myself in enjoying family, food, dancing, relaxing and all the things the ship offers.

I remember walking around the cruise ship before dinner with my mom and grandma and running into a group of people learning to make paper flowers and we just joined in. Or the times when we got our makeup done in the perfume stores. Or when you just get to close you eyes and lay out by the pool and not hear anything except the hum of the engines and the waves hitting the sides of the ship.

Cruises had so many beautiful things to offer. I love the grandeur and the parading and the glitter. I love feeling like royalty for a week. Sometimes you just need to get away. I crave it and hope that while The Quantum of the Seas may be a spectacle to behold, some cruise just stay the way they have been for over one hundred year. Perfect.

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