Dried Flowers: Part two

Remember when I showed you how to easily preserve your wedding bouquet or flowers?
Dried Flowers

Well I have turned more of bouquets into something else! Christmas ornaments!

This was the easiest and most beautiful project ever! 
First I bought plastic balls from Michaels. I decided on plastic because i hate when my glass ornaments tend to break after a while. These won't. 
I didn't tear up my actual wedding bouquet from before. I used to toss away bouquet that my sister caught and dried for me! (For a project like this just hang it up to dry in a cool dark place. Mine was in a closet hanging from a clothes hanger). 
When I was ready I took the bouquet apart. I took off the ribbon and peeled apart the flowers I wanted to use into small and manageable pieces. 
Then you just start putting them into the ornament one at a time. I alternated flowers every once in a while and filled them up about three quarters of the way. 
When I liked the way the looked I put the metal piece back on top. 
I could have stopped there but I wanted to write our wedding date on the outside so I just used a paint marker in the color of our wedding. 
The ribbon I used to hang it on the tree was from the outside of my ornament. 

This was easy and beautiful try it out! 

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