My Snacking is back!

I'm here with this month's Graze box review and I loved this box! So much I didn't do great getting pictures of everything haha.

The first snack I had was the Triple Berry Smoothie. I was excited about this one because of the  dried strawberries. Those turned out to be not so great. I also have raved about the chewy banana coins. But in this package everything just tasted like banana it wasn't that great.

The second snack I had was the Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack. This was pretty good. I love the flapjacks in general and this one had a little less flavor than the others but it was still yummy! 

The third snack I had was Nature's Immunity Nuts. These were plain. I deleted most of the plain nuts from my pantry because I felt like I could buy plain nuts in the store. The reason I kept this was because of the Brazil nuts. But they weren't that great so  I deleted them.

The fourth snack I had was the Salsa with Corn Chips. The salsa was great and it really tasted fresh like I could get anywhere. The chips were good but just a little bitter from the flax I believe. In general though one of the best snacks I've had and you can tell because I didn't get a good picture of it!

Hope you guys enjoyed this box we'll see what comes in the next couple weeks!

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