Graze box number two!

I have received and tested my second Graze box! The snacks were good but I still liked my first box better. I have pictures of all but one item because I ate it before I could take a picture :)
Here is the first one! 
Jelly Doughnut was the first one I had. I was afraid it was going to be too sweet but it still tasted fresh and light. It was actually one of my favorites so far. It has sponge cake pieces (which were not spongy), craisins, raspberry fruit strings which were yummy and almonds. It was pretty good. 
Next I had Pina Colada which I was pretty excited for and it didn't taste as good mostly because of the coconut slices. The dried pineapple and papaya was really yummy though. Really fresh. 
Third I had the berry infused flapjacks. I've had experience with these when I was in Great Britain a few years ago. They are like a sweet granola bar and very delicious. They should probably be eaten for dessert but I had them for breakfast and they were really yummy. I don't have a picture but take that as they were so good I ate them too quickly to take a picture. 

The one I just finished today was the Bonnie Wee Oatbakes and Onion Marmalade. This was the one I was most nervous for and it ended up being my favorite! The oatbakes were nothing too special but I could taste the different oats. The onion marmalade was really yummy and I wanted more! 
Overall this has been a good box and I can't wait for my next one in a couple weeks! 

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