I Don't Drink

In case you haven't noticed, I watch a lot of Food Network and love to cook. Today while I was working on some chores a show came on that I had overlooked for a while just having it on in the background but her show caught my attention today.

Her name is Kelsey Nixon and she has a show called Kelsey's Essentials on the Cooking Channel and now Food Network. She gained her popularity from being a top four finalist in Food Network Star Season Four.

In her show she does lots of fun different foods every week. Easy things anyone can try! This episode that I watched today was called Happiest Hour.

When you first hear that, I was like, "oh great, another cocktail show". It's not that I'm against drinking it's just not my favorite all the time. My opinion changed within seconds though. She said she was going to do a MOCKTAIL hour. Which caught my interest. Then she goes into a bar and tells the chef helping her make the drinks that she doesn't drink. She said she doesn't drink! I have never heard a chef on Food Network say that! And she still has the peoples respect! She made yummy looking drinks and even fun bar snacks! Here are some of the recipes from todays episode.

Backberry, Cucumber and Ginger Spritzer

Pork Rind Cheese Puffs

Chorizo-Stuffed Fried Olives

Spiced Bar Nuts with Orange Bitters

If you want the recipes you can see them here!
Kelsey's Essentials

The Blackberry, Cucumber and Ginger Spritzer sounds so fresh and nice! I can't wait to make it myself!
I am just proud of you Kelsey for sticking up for what you believe in!

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