Pinterest can be Gross

I'm here to tell you that not everything you see on Pinterest is good. Especially the recipes! 

I love to scan through the food section and see if there is anything I want to try and make and the other day these are just two of the recipes I came across. Gross! 

This first one above is Mac and Cheese and Bacon Egg Rolls....
and she likes to dip them in BBQ sauce...
I have had fried mac and cheese before and it was ok but it was a very small bite size thing. This is a huge fried log of mac n cheese with bacon and bbq sauce.. Unnecessary. 

This second one is called poke cake, which we have all heard of and probably had before. No it's not the healthiest thing but its usually okay. This recipe though blew it out of the water. 
This "homemade" strawberry poke cake is full of fake stuff and luckiness. 
It does start which a from scratch white cake that is baked and cooled which is fine, but then she pours liquid strawberry jello syrup stuff all over it giving it a fake pink strawberry flavor. And then it gets covered in whipped creme. 

So. We have just two recipes here that are just not good for you at all. Just take this as a warning. No matter how good something looks in Pinterest that does not mean you should be eating it. I will share with you a multitude of recipes from Pinterest that are actually healthy and good for eating. Plenty of desserts and real meals! 

Just stick with me and promise me you won't eat this gross stuff. 

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