Parmesan Risotto

Sometimes there isn't much in your fridge. Luckily a creamy risotto doesn't take a lot of ingredients. It's cheap and tastes like a million bucks.

Parmesan Risotto with Lemon Pepper Shrimp

This was easy!
You can get a jar of arborio rice at any grocery store. And follow the directions on the back! A cup of rice to three cups of liquid. That makes enough for about 4 people as a side and two people as a main dish.
The key is deciding to flavors you want inside. And you can add just about whatever you want!
I sauteed a few shelled shrimp in some butter, lemon juice, salt, pepper, cayenne, and garlic. Saute them for two minutes and then take them out leaving the juice.
I added a tablespoon more oil and put in the cup of rice for two minutes. Then I added a cup of vegetable stock and start stirring. Don't stop stirring. Once the liquid is gone add another cup and repeat one more time after that. Once all three cups of liquid are dissolved I added a bit more salt and italian herbs and about half a cup of parmesan cheese. Right at the end I folded my shrimp back in and there you go!
It's super easy and tastes delicious! You can't beat a good risotto anywhere. And like I said it's super easy, cheap and can be whatever you want!

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